About Us

8 Bit Awesome is a video game and technology podcast formed in 2011. Now in its 3rd year, 8 Bit Awesome continues to bring weekly gaming podcasts, and has added additional hosts and expanded into the wild world of TV podcasting as well.


8 Bit Awesome Founders


Willie Clark is an editor, writer, gamer, guitar-er, photographer, wizard(er), and probably awesomer than you. He goes to cool places and does cool things so you don’t have to. He currently makes port in San Francisco. You can find him on Twitter or various places online (Including his NNID/gamer tag) as TheBlackAdept.



William Penney is a self-proclaimed Nintendo Fanboy and co-founder of 8Bit Awesome.  He oversees the East Coast news division of 8 Bit Awesome. He also edits the podcast and made the logo and stuff. So follow him on Twitter if you want.


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