Voices of Valyria Episode 17: Game of Thrones “The Gift” Podcast

Jon leaves the Wall, and Sam pays for it. Stannis realizes he should invent Valyria shovels. And Cersei gets a taste of her own medicine. Join in as we discuss everything that happened in the seventh episode of season five, “The Gift.”

As always, we are starting the first half of the podcast with a Spoiler-Free TV only discussion. Spoilers start at ~55:00.

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The Not So Silent Podcast Episode 5: Doctor Who Season 8, Episode 5+6 Double Stuffed Edition

Back from vacation and better than ever! This week we are proud to present a double stuffed episode, covering both “Time Heist” and “The Caretaker,” all in this episode of the Not So Silent Podcast. Enjoy!

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Doctor Who theme arranged by Dillon Jinks. Original composition by Ron Grainer.