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South Park “#Rehash” Review

South Park “#Rehash” Review

Season 18, Episode 9


I knew this was going to be a tricky episode to distance myself from, because I really don’t like PewDiePie.

After 18 seasons and celebrity upon celebrity requests to guest star (especially in the early days) it just seems like a weird olive branch to a segment of the population that already laps up “South Park.” His appearance was pretty innocuous,  but also seemed unnecessary. Is it a South Park-ian way to handle cameos? Perhaps, but it’s also a weird one.

Continuity returned this week – randomly – after not showing up for the past few episodes. I’m not sure if this is on purpose or something they are taking on an episode-by-episode basis or what, but SP needs to pick a direction. If it’s a new format the show wants to stick to then it should do so consistently and not half-ass it like they have been doing so far. It’s inconsistent and its best and haphazard at its worst.

Additionally, if the show is going to bring back and start to serialize plots, it needs to make them stick. Nothing worthwhile really came out of Randy being Lorde, again, and I’m scared to see the show’s attempts at freshening up become just another way for them to stretch jokes out even thinner than usual. Randy rubbing his clit on stage felt much like Randy chopping his dick off last week and, while chuckle-worthy, it wasn’t worth dedicating the entire B plot to him. The show just can’t seem to decide if it actually wants to make fun of Lorde or not, and the song-and-dance is running thin.

Also, does everybody BUT Shelly know that Randy is Lorde?

The main story (story is a strong term for it) saw Kyle not being able to connect with Ike, who decided he would rather watch PewDiePie (and later, Cartman) comment on games than actually play them. It felts somewhat reminiscent to Stan’s journey in “You’re Getting Old,” but also never really got off the ground. The scenes all felt disjointed: Kyle’s “living room is dead”scene was out of place and felt like a joke without a punchline. The celebrity talk show was a rare moment of parody that landed, but was also short and abrupt.

In the past, the show might have turned these moments into big laugh payoffs, or even turned them inward. Perhaps have a nice speech about how there’s more to life than just commenting on stuff, even though that’s all that the show really exists as. Instead, we got another unfocused, haphazard, and tangled mess of an episode that could barely pull off a laugh.

The performer cameos were somewhat humorous, I guess, but when SP tackles an issue that I agree with (that being Let’s Play-ers) and I still don’t find the episode funny or enjoyable, there’s clearly something not working. There are so many aspects of the “Let’s Play” debate to discuss, but the show, which ironically doesn’t have much to say about anything this week, focuses on nothing beside the generational gap LPs are creating between children. The hologram bit isn’t exactly something new – and the show has to work quite a bit harder to sell the music industry is making money off of comments plot still. Sticking to the rehash title of the episode, I’m not really sure why they bothered to bring Michael Jackson back (via hologram) at all. It’s something the show has done twice now and so far, the pay off just isn’t here.

When I’m nearing the end of a strong episode, I often find myself hoping the show makes it a two-parter.  Given how messy this week was though, I can’t say I’m looking forward to another episode of this plot next week.  It is the finale, but eh. It’s going to take one hell of an episode to save this arc, let alone this season.



Notes and quotes:


-Another pretty light week here folks.


-This season is really turning into quite the gaming-focused season isn’t it?


-”We could go play the game downstairs. Isn’t that better than watching some guy on YouTube play it?”


-”Video games are meant to be played in a living room not something to watch people comment on.” (AMEN).


-”Why’d you have to rub your clit on stage Dad?”


-Wait, so how was Cartman commenting on live events in the show? I know SP logic isn’t real world logic, but it still didn’t make any sense.