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The Not So Silent Podcast Episode 4: Doctor Who Season 8, Episode 4 “Listen”

Shush. Do you hear that? What if we aren’t alone? Is there somebody with you in the room right now? Or is the Doctor just crazy? Or is space yoga awesome? You’ll find this – and many more questions (and a few answers) all in this episode of the Not So Silent Podcast. Enjoy!

As always, don’t forget to subscribe. Unlike our past TV podcast, The Not So Silent Podcast is getting its own channel, to keep game and TV content separate.

Also, house keeping note: We will be taking next week off (Willie and Ryane are going to Disney!), and then coming back in full force with a double podcast looking at episodes 5 and 6.

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Doctor Who theme arranged by Dillon Jinks. Original composition by Ron Grainer.