Voices of Valyria Episode 28: Game of Thrones “Battle of the Bastards” Podcast

One battle to rule them all…and only one bastard will survive. Will it be Ramsay? Or Jon? Find out in this extra special podcast, as Willie, Tim, and (for the first time ever!) Eric, discuss everything that goes down in “Battle of the Bastards,” and some ideas on what we’ll see in next week’s finale, as well.

Also, a new twist for this season. Since the show has passed the books, they’ll longer be splitting up the podcast into two sections. Instead, the whole thing will be spoilers for the shows and the books, so if you don’t want to know how they differ, be warned! The focus will be mostly TV discussion, but the occasional spoiler for stuff that’s happened in the books that may never happen in the show will pop up. You’ve been warned!

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