Podcast 24 – A Link to the Past 2, 3DS Nintendo Direct, and “What about the Wii U?”

This week on the 8Bit Awesome Podcast, we marvel at the mountain of megatons that were masterfully made known at the Nintendo Direct. Not only were we given a ton of info, trailers, and gameplay footage for games that we already knew about (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Super Luigi U) but Nintendo also decided to bestow us with 3 big reveals. First, was a 3DS sequel to Yoshi’s Island. Also, Nintendo announced that Earthbound was finally going to hit the VC with the launch of the service next week. Finally, and most importantly however, was the announcement of a sequel to A Link to the Past. Listen to what we think of all the news (and lack of Wii U news) in this weeks edition of the 8Bit Awesome Podcast! Thanks for listening

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