Podcast 13 – Rayman Legends Delay, PS4 Pricepoint ($400?) and always online Xbox?

This week, we were joined by special guest host Chelsea Flint, to discuss everything from Star Wars spin-offs to the Next Xbox. We began, as always, with what’s been our our collective radars, which included Rayman Legends, up until this past Thursday. Ubisoft not only announced that their upcoming Wii U exclusive became a multiplatform title, but also delayed the launch of the completed game to synchronize with the september release of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.We then heatedly discussed the rumored $400 pricepoint for the PS4, as hinted by Asahi Shinbun Digital. We quickly touched on recent rumors of Star Wars spin offs, including potential Han Solo and Yoda prequels. Finally, we finished off our discussion with talk about strict always online DRM for the next Xbox, which would preclude any sort of second-hand game sales. Thanks for joining us this week for another awesome 8Bit Awesome podcast!

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