Podcast 10 – Special Nintendo Direct Edition: Mario and Zelda Wii U, Wind Waker HD, Yoshi’s Epic Yarn, and MORE!

This Wednesday, Nintendo announced a last minute Nintendo Direct, where they discussed everything Wii U. From firmware updates (where, thank god, we will finally be getting faster load times) to Miiverse news, to the Wii U Virtual Console, to games, Nintendo did not hold back on dropping the megatons. We discuss the myriad of new games announced, including Yoshi’s Epic Yarn, a Xenoblade sequel made by Monolith, the next Zelda and Mario Wii U titles, and a Wind Waker HD  remake. To finish off the podcast, we finally dive into Wii U 3rd party support and the future of the Wii U. Thanks for listening to another great 8Bit Awesome Episode!

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