Podcast 7 – Pokémon for the 3DS, Steambox, and Microsoft / Sony acquisitions

This week, there was so much to talk about, that we had to chop out a third of our itinerary (Yes… we actually had an itinerary! We don’t just ramble, even though it may seem like it). We quickly dive into Microsoft and Sony acquisitions, specifically Sony’s purchase of a streaming company, and Microsoft’s investment in R2 Studios, a home automation company. We also finally get to talk about one of our favorite franchises, Pokemon. We speculate about their upcoming Tuesday, December 8th announcement, and discuss what GameFreak’s next game could possibly be (Pokemon Snap Wii U, Pokemon MMO, or just Gen VI on the 3DS? Or could we possible get Wii U/3DS cross-play, just like the upcoming Super Smash Bros. title?) Thanks for joining us for another beautiful episode, see you next week!

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